DIY Projects

Here is a collection of some of the homesteading projects we have undertaken. What are some of your proudest DIY moments?

DIY Whole House Fan Installation

The most important green upgrade I have done to my house. It saves me hundreds of dollars in electricity costs. A whole house fan system cools your home by drawing cooler outide air through your windows and pushing the warmer air into your attic. I use the QuietCool Fan System. It is ranked #1 in efficiency by the California Department of Energy.

Organic Sprouting: Reduce Cost & Increase Health

Feeding sprouted grain is a very economical method of supplying green feed to all classes of livestock.
At 25% of the cost, sprouted grains provide more nutrients, as minerals merge with proteins to allow better nutrient absorbtion. All around “Green Fodder” is a healthy living food and easier to digest.

Grey Water System: Shower Your Garden!

A greywater system redirects used water from bathtubs, showers or sinks into the landscape to irrigate your garden. This is a cheap self-made DIY approach to help save water and money that repurposes plumbing parts available in the pool/spa tub market. Products used: Jandy Valve and Intermatic Actuator

Going Native: Turning Lawn into No-Irrigation Garden

With many areas facing multi-year droughts cities across the state offer financial incentives to turn your lawn into a native paradise. This is a multi-part series on how we turn our our front yard from a $600/year water-grabber into a zero dollar wildlife oasis. If we succeed our citiy will pay us $3000 for time and effort.

Black Soldier Fly: Raise this Uber-Benefitial Insect

Raising Black Soldier Fly Larvae is useful for highspeed composting and as chicken feed. This protein booster is rich in Omega 3 which makes for healthy eggs. Yes, chickens are carnevores and this is one of their favorite treats. Our chickens get a couple hundreds of these larvae every day. Product used: BioPod Plus, Composting with Soldier Grubs

“Olla” Clay Pot: Ancient yet Super-Efficient Watering Method

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