Scarecrow Sprinkler Wildlife Deterrent: Follow-Up Review

It’s been a month since I bought the Scarecrow Sprinkler, so here is a follow up video I posted on youtube. The good news is, the sprinkler is doing its job: The raccoons are still in my backyard but they have learned to stay away from my veggie pad. The one thing I am concerned about is having the water on and connect through a hose to the system 24/7. So after a leak with a light duty hose I upgraded to a more robust heavy-duty hose that is doing the job…

A more expensive alternative is the hose-free Havahart Sprinkler, it looks like a solid system and just like the Scarecrow Sprinkler has favorable reviews on Amazon. But it is almost 4x the price (ca. $180).

The follow-up video shows night-vision footage of the ScareCrow sprinkler and I was actually able to film a raccoon. I used a trail camera that is also motion activated and would start recording whenever something would cross its path. I’m still looking for that “money shot” of a raccoon being hit by the scrinkler water, and I’ll post it as soon as it happens. 🙂

Overall, I’m very happy with the system. No battery drain, consistant motion sensor, no leaks once I replaced the hose and most importantly, finally, I’ve been able to keep my friendly neighborhood raccoon away from my veggies. As a matter of fact it’s been weeks since I’ve found any traces of him actually entering my yard. I’m hoping he is moving on to easier pastures.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Review

This solar lamp has 32 individual LED lights, a photovoltaic solar panel, and 2 rechargeable lithium batteries. Solar outdoor lights recharge during the day, automatically turn on at dusk and remain illuminated overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day. This light has three different settings so you can choose to have the light come on through motion or stay on by itself. It also has a dim mode where the light runs at half power and only switches to full power when it senses motion (through human induction).

Wildlife Deterrent: Do motion activated sprinklers keep your veggies safe?


We live in an urban setting in Los Angeles and our backyard is a dream for the local wildlife. Organic veggies, chickens & rabbits, they all thrive in our garden and present attractive opportunities for raccoons, bobcats, squirrels or any other wild creatures eager to wreak havoc

Every morning I find deep holes in my lawn and raised garden beds. Often times the plants are either eaten or ripped out and tossed aside. I’m pretty sure it’s a raccoon digging for grubs and he visits us every other night.

After researching and trying all kinds of deterrents I finally came across a motion-activated sprinkler system and finally gained the upper hand. A raccoon has a relatively small territory of just a few blocks and roams through it repeatedly for new feeding opportunities. Trapping or poisoning are not really options as it is illegal, inhumane and only temporarily fix this problem.

The youtube clip shows the ScareCrow sprinkler by Contech in action. This product has over 2000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating and it does the trick. It costs around $55.

Watch follow-up review here…

Why rabbit is the most sustainable meat for the city farmer.*

By now we all know that eating a lot of meat – especially factory-farmed meat – isn’t very good for the planet. Fortunately for meat eaters, some meats are more sustainable than others. And as it turns out, rabbit is one of the healthiest, leanest, and most environmentally friendly meats you can eat.

According to Slow Food USA, “Rabbit can produce six pounds of meat on the same amount of feed and water it takes a cow to produce just one pound.

  • It is one of the best white meats available today. * USDA
  • It is high in easily digestible protein (28g per 3oz. serving).
  • It contains the least amount of fat among all the available meats.
  • The calories in rabbit meat is lower (147calories per serving) than other meats.
  • The meat is white and tender, with a mild flavor. It is comparable to chicken but not identical.
  • Rabbit meat is low in sodium, high in calcium and phosphorus.

Mark Pasternak of the famed Devil’s Gulch Ranch explains, ‘If you are already raising chickens-raising rabbits on a small-scale would be really easy.” He suggests that the average DIY farmer should start out with one male (buck) and three does (female). With three does, Pasternak reckons you could supply yourself with a substantial supply of meat over a year.

The youtube clip gives you a tour of my small backyard rabbitry. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them with me here.

* excerpt from a recent articlie posted on

“Olla” Clay Pot: Ancient yet Super-Efficient Watering Method

The OLLA method is an ancient technique of low tech, low cost irrigation used in various environments around the world. An OLLA is an unglazed clay pot fired at a low temperature. This allows the pot to remain porous. The OLLA is buried in the ground with neck exposed and periodically filled with water. The water seeps into the soil at a rate that provides adjacent plants with a constant water source at the roots. Product: Olla Irrigation Pot

Rabbit Birth

6 Cute Bunny Babies are about to arrive. After 31 days the doe builds a nest in which to give birth. She will line the nest with her fur. The newborns are blind until the eyes open at 10 days of age. Kits should stay with their mother for at least 5-6 weeks.