TV without Cable – How to Cut the Cord – Commercial-Free & Legal Viewing

Finally I can watch TV without cable and get all my shows commercial free. I review Sony VUE and Hulu to see if the time has come to cut the the cord and save. My cable/internet bill used to be almost $160, now it’s half that. And soon it can be more as new competitor like Sling TV and Tivo are getting ready to come to market with more online ways to watch quality shows like Scandal, Better call Saul, Grey’s Anatomy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., etc..


Amazon FIRE TV Stick:

Sony VUE:



DIY: Automatic Rabbit Waterer for Cheap

This self-made rabbit watering system is an invaluable time saver. All you need is a bucket, some water feeder nipples from Ebay and 5/16″ silicone tubing (see links below):

An automatic water feeder like this keeps your water clean and prevents messes. I recommend to add 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar per 1 gallon of water to help with general health of your rabbits. This system can also be used for ferrets, chickens and other small animals.

Parts Available on Ebay:


Keeping Chickens – 3 Things to Consider

Wonder how to take care of chickens? The trend of raising urban chickens is surely on the rise. But consider this before keeping BackyardChickens:

  1. Have a plan now for what you’ll do with your chickens when they stop laying eggs
  2. Oversize your coop and chicken run, chances are your flock will expand once you get your feet wet
  3. Be open-minded. There are many uses for chickens: Not just eggs. Let them roam in your yard to take over some of your gardening

The California’s Chicken-Cage Size Law

Another mild winter day in our California backyard. A tour of our rabbity and chicken run and a take on the new California’s chicken-cage size law that came into effect Jan. 1, 2015 and how the general prize increase helps make our backyard chicken eggs more competitive.

Broody Hen Abandons Her Eggs – What now?

Our broody Hen has been sitting on seven eggs. She was broody (hormonally “eager” to hatch) even before we gave her some fertile eggs, probably for at least 2 weeks. So towards the end of the hatching process something changed and she snapped out of it. Now her eggs have a bunch of embryos that are so close to hatching… Find out what happens next.