Wildlife Deterrent: Do motion activated sprinklers keep your veggies safe?


We live in an urban setting in Los Angeles and our backyard is a dream for the local wildlife. Organic veggies, chickens & rabbits, they all thrive in our garden and present attractive opportunities for raccoons, bobcats, squirrels or any other wild creatures eager to wreak havoc

Every morning I find deep holes in my lawn and raised garden beds. Often times the plants are either eaten or ripped out and tossed aside. I’m pretty sure it’s a raccoon digging for grubs and he visits us every other night.

After researching and trying all kinds of deterrents I finally came across a motion-activated sprinkler system and finally gained the upper hand. A raccoon has a relatively small territory of just a few blocks and roams through it repeatedly for new feeding opportunities. Trapping or poisoning are not really options as it is illegal, inhumane and only temporarily fix this problem.

The youtube clip shows the ScareCrow sprinkler by Contech in action. This product has over 2000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating and it does the trick. It costs around $55.

Watch follow-up review here…

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